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A dream that lasted a lifetime
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Welcome to my small space on the web! Here I share my life & opinions with you. Its a place for me to express myself as a person & student. I cannot say I will be the most active blogger, but I will try my best to do what I can. Feel free to talk to me! I list my social networks to the right.

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radiant_skies [userpic]

I few months ago, I was pregnant. On May 31st, 2012 at 11:48 am, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She was so perfect. We named her Arielle Patricia Quinn DeJohn. Arielle Patricia is her first name, Quinn is her middle. It's a tradition in my family that I wanted her to carry on.

After losing her, all I wanted to do was stay in bed. Every night I would pray that this would just have been a bad nightmare and I would wake up to her crying any moment now. I never did. It wasn't a dream, no matter how badly I wished that it was.The truth was, my baby girl had died and there was nothing I could do to change that. Accepting this was the hardest thing I ever had to experience in my life.

It wasn't until mid September that I was able to tell my online and offline friends what had happened. Before, I hadn't wanted to face anyone, not even my boyfriend. For a while, he even slept on the couch. He did his best to comfort me, but it just wasn't enough. Nothing could change the way that I felt. As much as it hurt though, I owed it to my friends to tell them what happened. I still couldn't take in the questions that I knew they would ask. So I couldn't tell anyone face to face. I sent them an email, tweet, text, or facebook message.

For a long while, I laid there in bed just thinking about her. How I would never be able to hold her, never tickle her little feet, never watch her take her first steps, or fall down for the first. I would never hear her say mommy or daddy and she would never learn to ride a bike. She would never be able to show me her cute little pieces of artwork or walk into the kitchen covered in paint. I would never get to hold her in my arms and comfort her when she was sad. There would never be a 'you're too young for a boyfriend!' speech. Never telling her about the 'bird and the bees'. All I could do was think about all the things that I couldn't do with her. I couldn't and didn't want to think of anything else. All I wanted was my baby girl back in my arms.

I'm doing a little better now. I don't just want to stay in bed any longer. Some mornings I still wake up, hoping to hear her crying in the next room, but I never do. I never will. Yes, I lost my precious angel, but she will always be in my heart. I really don't think I'll ever get over the loss, but now I feel like I can take a step forward. I'm not leaving Arielle behind, no. I'm just not dwelling on her loss any longer. I'm focusing more on her life. No, it wasn't long, but I could feel her little kicks inside my belly. I still remember when I placed my hand on my stomach and she kicked it. It was so amazing. She never breathed in the air of life outside of me, but she was still very much alive and I want to remember that. I used to speak to her all the time. I don't know if she could hear me or even understood, but I want to believe she did. In some way.

I will forever love my precious Arielle. She will forever be a part of me and hold a place in my heart. I'm never going to let her go, I can't. I love her and I always will. One day I would like to have another baby, but never will Arielle ever be replaced. I love her so very much and I hope that she knows that wherever she is now. I hope the good angels are taking good care of her while I cannot.

I will love you forever, Arielle. You're my sweet baby girl.
You can always be remembered. You can never be replaced.

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radiant_skies [userpic]

I have just finished writing the hardest email of my life. I had to send out an email to those who let me adopt fanlistings. I had to inform them that I had lost my website. I had to inform them that it would take me a while to get their fanlistings up. They trusted me and I... I just feel awful. I promised to take care of their fanlistings and look at what has happened. This is not what I thought a host would be like.

When I think of a web host, I think of someone who cares about you and your files. I think of someone who cares less about money and more about the files. What I got from a host, was a bad experiance, a bunch of lies, and the worst experiance of my life. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest.

I never thought that a host could be so selfish, cold, and cruel. How can any human be that way? To know they've betrayed the trust a hostees has placed in them. I suppose its a lesson learned. Never trust a web host you don't know. First impressions are the most important. Know who your host is hosted with, because that is important too.

Honestly, I can't believe this happened. How can someone just make up lies and lies and lies. Does it ever end? No. Probably not. However, I'm not giving up.

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radiant_skies [userpic]

For the last week, I have been trying to get my backups from RewindHost. They had suspended my host’s account for no real reason at all. They then started lying about her and what she had done to lose her account. It was all lies. That’s not even to mention that their suspension of her account was completely illegal. Regardless, all I wanted were my site backups. So I submitted a ticket, trying to be as nice as possible.

To get the backups though, they informed me that I would have to pay them $25. This made me very suspicious very quickly. So I asked them why I had to pay this money to them for my backups. Then then informed me that the money went to a backup company. I wanted to verify where my money was going so I spoke with my friend about this.

Her and I then sent in a ticket to the backup company. However, they informed me that they did no backups for RewindHost. Now this sounded like a scam. I asked, once again for information from RewindHost regarding, who the account was with. They refused to tell me, though they refused to give me a legitimate reason as to why they wouldn’t. By now, I was convinced this was a scam.

I confronted them about this sounding like a scam. They became very argumentative, angry, and defensive. They brought up how I was cutting them down on Twitter and how I was trying to give them a bad name. On Twitter, I was merely speaking from common sense. It sounded like they were scamming me. Not to mention, they kept lying to me about why my host’s account was suspended. They just couldn’t get their stories straight to me or to anyone else. I spoke of this on Twitter. They weren’t lies, I was just telling my followers exactly what had happened or what they had said.

RewindHost called sharing this information to be slander and so on. They just went on and on about this. I told them very simply, if they would just tell me who the account with BackUp company was under, that I could verify their story and would pay them to get my backups. All they had to do was let me verify that they did indeed have an account there and I would be out of their hair. They could go back to their scams and lies and illegal activity. They could do whatever they wanted without my care or talk of them.

They then refused to give me my backups. To say the least, it was ridiculous. The fact that they got so defensive, angry, and argumentative throughout the conversation made me very suspicious. I really do believe that they were trying to scam me now. I believe that they were really lying too. They refused to confront any of the lies, they just got defensive, angry, and argumentative again.

If you’re being honest, then I don’t know why you would get that way at any time, with anyone, or any reason. If you’re honest, you would think that you would be fine with explaining yourself or letting people verify information to know you’re telling the truth. You would want to prove your honesty. That’s what I would think anyways. They seem to think otherwise though.

In closing, all I can really say it WATCH OUT. They’re not the wonderful host that they used to be! If you need great hosting, talk to me, I can recommend some of the best. Just please, please, be careful if you’re hosted with RewindHost! They’re not as nice as they seem!

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radiant_skies [userpic]

This idea came from Twitter's 100 facts about yourself. I'm not sure if I can come up with a full 1000 facts, so for now, I've decided to just go with 50. Most of these are just from twitter, but I thought this was kind of a fun thing to do. :)

001. My full name is Rachel Julianne Karlee DeJohn. Rachel Julianne is my first name. Karlee is my middle.

002. I was born on February 10th, 1990. My parents had hoped I would be a Valentine's day baby, but I was born early. Lol

003. My first domain was IndigoRoses.org which I had for 3 years. I later got RadiantSkies.net which I had for 2 years.

004. I originally went to college for beauty and make-up but I later made changes to Science and Engineering with a 2nd major in business.

005. I have a sweet tooth but I don't like to actually eat sweets.

006. I enjoy listening to all different types of music, but I enjoy classical the best.

007. I have been to the United States of America 11 times.

008. I love traveling but I don't get to travel too much. Its too expensive.

009. I have been to 18 music concerts for 16 different music artists.

010. I do not believe that the world will end in 2012.

011. I do not support teen pregnancy.

012. I still use MySpace even though it has gone down hill so much.

013. I do not have or want a FaceBook account.

014. I love dying my hair using different colours and styles. I'm constantly looking for something new and fun.

015. I have been web and graphic designing since 1999. I was 9 years old when I started my first site.

016. I follow 80 people on twitter, but what shocks me is that I have 101 followers.

017. I adore HootSuite and DestroyTwitter more then any other programs I own.

018. I am not an active tweeter.

019. I miss the days when MTV was just music and not all about supporting teen pregnancy.

020. I am not a natural blonde. Actually, I am a natural brunette.

021. I hate the way I look when I was younger.

022. I love spending my free time writing novels. I may one day get them published - or try too, but who knows.

023. I would love to own Adobe Dreamweaver but I can't afford it with college and bills.

024. I want a Blackberry very much but can't get one for a few months yet.

025. I don't think web hosts with .info domains are professional.

026. I love romance novels and I hope one day, that I can have a beautiful romance love.

027. I believe that I come from a pretty average family and life style.

028. I am single.

029. I love Italian food so much!

030. I often watch my twitter timeline but do not post or tweet.

031. I have 3 other siblings. 2 sisters & a brother. Sisters; Sally Daisha Leianne and Bridgette Elaina Nava. Brother; Kacey George McKinley

032. All of my siblings have the last name DeJohn. Kacey is the oldest at 22. I come next being almost 21. Bridgette is 17 & Sally is 15.

033. I am not always very good with math. I do not like math at all.

034. I would love to have a child. I love children very much.

035. I play tennis and have played for almost 17 years. I can also play the flute.

036. I support Singles Awareness Day.

037. I am a positive person and do not like to think or hear people speak negatively.

038. I believe that speaking the truth is the most important, even if it sometimes hurts.

039. I am in love with the colours lilac, indigo, pink, yellow, and light green. I love Easter colours best.

040. I believe that history should be taught exactly how it happened without lies, concealing of any kind, ETC.

042. My favorite movie is Letters to Juliet. I thought it was very sweet. The Karate Kid is my second favorite movie. It was very inspiring.

043. I do not like to watch the news, read the newspaper, or listen to news reports on the radio. I find them to be very depressing with all the bad news that they report.

044. I think, if I had a daughter, I would name her Grace. I really do love that name.

045. I do not support the show Toddlers in Tiaras.

046. If you live with you parents, then I believe that you should not get things such as tattoos and/or piercings without speaking to them.

047. I think that snow is very pretty and I just love watching it fall.

048. I love my family even though we do not always get along. My family are very important to me.

049. I greatly admire @AngelicLies for her strength and views and words. She is very inspiring to me. She's a great friend.

050. I have no doubt that @AngelicLies is much better at counseling people then I. She can read a person's personally much better ten I.

051. I do not like use of plastic bags. Saying that though, I do not feel you should have to buy a fabric bag. I support paper bags.

052. I think that ice storms are beautiful.

053. New York City, USA is the place to be during a snow fall. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen with all the lights & beauty.

054. I do not think that young children should use or have computers, cell phones, or video games. I think this is bad for children.

055. As of February 14th, 2011 I now have a boyfriend, Scott.

056. I would like to one day be able to open Radiant-Skies.net and Indigo-Roses.org again.

057. I do nt like the actor Jack Black. I do not think that he is funny.

058. I sometimes think that I rush relationships and my feelings in them.

059. I am a perfectionist. I like things to look their best.

060. I always have something t blog about, but I often choose not to blog or write about them.

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radiant_skies [userpic]

Well, I have actually taken the time to join the fairly well known site known as IceCaves.net. I've known about this site for a few years now. I'm not sure I like it, the design is over all very depressing. Saying that, I have decided to give the site a chance. You can't judge something you've never known, used, or experienced. So I'm taking the time to join the site, be active, and take part in a few contests.

The IceCaves.net Topsites

I have also taken the time to list my site there. So far, everyone there is also very nice. I must say that much. Everyone is all very friendly and helpful. Some things are very confusing and disorganized, but people are quick to help and provide assistance with things. That's always a good sign.

My review for the site will be officially written at a later date. So you'll just have to wait and see after a while. I need to experience the site for a while longer before I make any real decisions.

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radiant_skies [userpic]

Hello everyone and happy Valentine's day!

Did you all have a wonderful and loving holiday? I did. A boy, Scott, asked me out for Valentine's day. We met a few months ago at my job. He's very nice. I was actually very surprised when he came in and asked me to go out with him. We had a great time though. We had a nice dinner, we got some ice-cream, spent some time at the park, we had lunch, saw a movie, and had dinner after-wards. It was a lovely afternoon and evening. He even took me dancing, something I have done in a long while. We have actually decided to start dating and I'm glad that we did. He's always been very nice and I really enjoy being with him.

It was a nice holiday and a great way to celebrate it. I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday also and I wish you all the best in your relationships! :)

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radiant_skies [userpic]

This article was written by myself and with the help of Jinnienn and Jennifer. The article's idea was Jennifer's and mine. So please take note of that. Both girls are welcome to, of course, post this article on their websites as well if they so wish.

Now, we all know about nasty names. These are words that we, as people, have been so rudely called. These names aren't nice and are often very hurtful. The thing is, do we really even know what they mean? Many of us say these words often, but do we really know their meaning? Well, the time has been taken to make a list of all these nasty names and their meanings. Research was done to make sure that the definitions are accurate and updated. If you find anything in here to be incorrect, feel free to leave a comment.

Please keep in mind that some of these are based on stereo types. Others are based on definitions or word use.

This list will be updated as we think of new and updated words. Definitions may be updated with the times.

bitch: (literal meaning) a female dog. This word is often used to describe females with bad attitudes; often called bitchy.

cunt: one of the nastiest names one can use. Such a word is often used by men to speak of woman whom they have little respect for. This word is far nastier then any other I have ever come across. Person or persons who use such a word often come from low breeding. This is not a word a respectable person uses.

pussy: a word usually used to describe a person or persons who is a "sissy" or "wimpy". Its without a a doubt, not the nicest name. Many people use the word as a joke when calling some a "wimp", its not really funny though, i must say.

hick: someone who comes from low breeding and has to cut other person or persons down. They often "kick below the belt" so that they can feel good about themselves. They rarely understand or see that they did anything wrong.

red-neck: a person who comes from "the hills". Often recognized for their bad english and speech. Often known to wear overalls, be dirty, drive a low down pick up truck, and live in run down, trashy trailers. Often known to still use out houses and old fashioned appliances. Sometimes without electricity. Often used to describe those who lives on a farm.

whore: person willing to have sex with almost anyone, anyplace, at any time. Usually on woman.

ho: a shortened wordfor "whore".

slut: word used to descibe a whor-ish girl. A girl who will flirt with guys. Often more picky with who she'll have sex with. Often dates before having sex. Constantly with a new guy.

hill billy: a person who has a small vocabulary. much like a red neck, but these people are usually considered much smarter. They are more "With the times" and "up to date". Often used to describe a person or persons who come from "the hills". Often used to descibe someone who lives on a farm.

dick tease: word used to descibe a girl who only teases a man. She'll get him "hot and bothered" and then leave. Rarely results in sex. Foreplay and teasing without giving release.

I thought I would also add another definition here at the bottom. If a few of the definitions here, I have used a figure of speech. Just to make sure that everyone understands what this means, I have included the definition and meaning of it below.

kick below the belt: also known as a "low blow". to fight unfair. to commit a vial act. to commit an illegal move in a fight. to commit a dirty act. to play unfairly and dirty or unjustly. Someone who kicks below the belt is considered to be a "low life" or to come from "low breeding". They have no self-respect, pride, or honor. They'll do anything to win, even if it means cheating. They are selfish and self-centered. People like this are often thought very little of by society.

low life: a person or persons who act and commit vial acts.
slang for nasty, unsavoury, despised person or persons.

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radiant_skies [userpic]

 I cannot believe that it is finally the new year! Its 2011! Even now, I still want to type in 2010. Its so hard to switch over to the new year. I never even got into the habit of writing 2010. Even after a year, I still want to write 2009. Its ridiculously funny to me really. I'm happy for the new year though. The fireworks celebration was absolutely wonderful! I went to a few parties most of New Years eve and such. I wanted to be home when midnight hit though. I succeeded at this, as you can, kinda-sorta see. Lol

Over all, I really did have a very nice New Years and Christmas holiday. I think my new years resolution is to finish getting my work done. I would like to keep this blog updated and active. I would like to comment on your people's pages and websites. I would like to be more active on twitter too. I suppose I have quite a few new years resolutions. I know, it will probably be hard to keep up with all of them, but I want to try. I think I can do it if I really put my mind to it. So I'm going to give it a good try and do my best to succeed.

Believe it or not, I did succeed in my last years, New Years resolution. My resolution last year was to lose 10 kg (about 22 lbs). I wanted to not be so internet obsessed. I also wanted to finish a novel with 35 + chapters. The novel ended up being 37 chapters, I am proud to announce. I succeeded in all of these resolutions. I am so proud of myself for succeeding in all of these. I had many other resolutions too. I succeeded in all of them also. I'm shocked to say I did such a good job. I couldn't be more proud of myself. The feeling of accomplishment here is over whelming. Its an over all, wonderful feeling.

So now, let me ask. Did you succeed in your 2010 New Years resolution? What are your 2011 resolutions? :)

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radiant_skies [userpic]

Site: Naeolia
URL: www.naeolia.net
Owner: Nicole
Rating: 3.8 of 5 
At first glance the site holds a beautiful, well created design. The over all design is easy on the eyes, along with the colours, fonts, and over all style. Its perfectly lovely. With further looking you can see the sidebar has no navigation. In a few long minutes of looking, you find the missing navigation is in small font on the header image. Location; the bottom right hand corner of the header. with this being my only complaint and confusing, I move on to the rest of the site.

Its very organized and the owner, Nicole keeps things well kept up and has noteworthy skills with her site. Saying this and looking deeper, you see her writing isn't as well kept. Her blog and other reads around the site, are very hard to read. All of your writing is pushed together with little to no use of paragraphs making everything very hard to read and keep track of. You may also notice that she doesn't keep her blog updated well. As of this review, her last blog was July 9th (2010). This is very disappointing as her site is very beautiful.

As I browse along the site, I find the credits page which does not list her host. Instead, she chooses to list her hosting credits at the very bottom of the About the Site page. I cannot say this is the best place for it, as I never would have thought to look there. I merely found this by chance.

Many of the pages have some interesting reads, such as her About Me page and About the Site page and more. On her site she also offers resources for her visitors. These resources include icons, patterns, tutorials, brushes, textures, premade layouts, and much, much more. All of her content is very beautiful with a lot of hard work put into it.

I sadly noticed that, like many graphic providing sites, her main provide is icon related. She offers a noteworthy amount of textures also. This happened to disappoint me quite a bit. She has such talent and is willing to offer visitor content, but all she really creates is icons and similar. In my opinion and experience, icons are very easy to create and take little effort. Not to mention, a million other graphic related websites offer the exact same thing.

To add these simple graphics, the icons look like they were quickly made with little effort. The icons are lovely, yes, but made with little effort by the looks of it.

It saddens me to see graphic providers who have such talent but don't seem to use it in their graphics. I will make note that her premade designs hold clues and hints to the amazing talent that she possess. He portfolio, which she also has linked on the website, shows much more of her talent. Its beautiful and definitely worth looking through. She has great talent, I must admit.

In the future I do hope that I will be able to see more noteworthy material coming out from her. I would also like to see her website updated a little more often.

As a closing statement, I would like to say that her website is without a doubt, worth visiting. Her premade layouts are very lovely and her portfolio art is just stunning! Naeolia is a beautiful, web designed website. The owner Nicole is amazingly talented and I do recommend her site to all visitors who enjoy looking through talent. So take a moment and look through her site, it'll just take your breath away!

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radiant_skies [userpic]

I've decided to join a contest held by CorylDork.org. There are many different prizes and best of all, its easy to join and there are a lot of different prizes to win.

Those are just a few of he many prizes you can win!

What really made me join this contest though was the fact that its fair. Winners are chosen using Random.org. A lot of contests are unfair, involving things such a a point system, donating money for a ticket, or based on talent alone. This is a fair and reasonable contest with great prizes. Plus, everyone has an equal chance to win. There is no picking or choosing based on opinion, its a real contest, you pay for nothing, and its easy. Its something anyone with a website can join.

All I can do, is suggest that you all join also! I wish all of you the best of luck! :)

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